Back in the Big Mango


{ Sunset over Bangkok }

After a whirlwind adventure to Cambodia and Vietnam, I’m back in Bangkok trying to process what we’ve just experienced. It was a last minute trip that started off slow, but seemed to grow with intensity as soon as we crossed the border to Vietnam. I fully intended to blog our way through it, but instead I decided to revel in all of the distractions that popped up along the way. Believe me, there was no shortage.

Like the new friends we made that we won’t soon forget.

marblemountainscrew mikecasey mecaseycath

{ Miss you all already }

Or the problems we had to deal with that time we decided it was a good idea to load up our luggage and two bodies on one 110cc motorcycle to wind up the coast of Vietnam. It felt pretty badass for the four days that it lasted: you know, when we weren’t completely fearing for our safety or breaking down in the middle of nowhere.


{ Don’t try this at home }

And can’t forget burning my leg on an exhaust pipe, bruising over my entire buttcheek from slipping on rainy stairs and having a total wipe-out on my motorbike when the tire popped after transporting a H’mong Dzao tribal woman and her baby back to their village on the worst roads I’ve ever driven.


{ At least she made it home safe }

Despite the ups and downs (particularly the pain!), we fell deeply in love with both Cambodia and Vietnam and I can’t wait to share our adventures in more detail. Stay tuned.

Siem Reap Snapshots

Siem Reap Snapshots

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Floating Village of Chong Kneas

Floating Village of Chong Kneas

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Ancient Ruins of Angkor

Ancient Ruins of Angkor

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Along the Road in Cambodia

Along the Road in Cambodia

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