About Amanda

Amanda Boleman is a full-time adventurer with a loud mouth and serious wanderlust. The long list of places she’s called home include Los Angeles, Bangkok, Minneapolis, Chicago, London, and Melbourne, and she won’t stop her quest to see the entire world until she’s found a skyline that’s more striking than Sydney’s or Shanghai’s. She loves love and getting lost in foreign cities, kissing and running at full speed with no place to be. One day she hopes to go dancing on the moon, but will settle for raving out at shows on Earth for the time being. You can usually find her exploring the ‘hoods of her city or jet-setting off to faraway places.

The Travallure is a visual diary of inspiration for the free spirits, the dreamers, and the rebels. For the ones who aren’t afraid to go their own way and will stop at nothing to make their dreams a reality. I hope this blog will be the inspiration you need to make your own adventure, to wander into the unknown, and to be your own hero. There’s no rule to this thing, so be wild and make your own.