Getting to Work with UMA Oils

I haven’t been around these parts in a while ~ partly because my life requires a lot more hustle in Los Angeles than it did in Thailand ~ but mostly because I’m really good at making excuses for myself. I could go on and on about how busy I am with my new job, how I just moved into yet another new apartment (let’s see if I actually stay put in one spot for more than a year with this one!), and how many trips I’ve been on in the past few weeks, but it’s just a bunch of excuses for not showing up to put in the work for The Travallure.

I do put in the work on my yoga mat though.

In all fairness, I did start a new job as the Creative Director at UMA Oils, an amazing company with a luxury line of organic face and wellness oils. It consumes a lot of my time, but after teaming up with my girl Polly on a shoot for UMA at the most epic Airbnb in Topanga, I had the realization that there’s absolutely no reason why I can’t continue growing The Travallure on the side. Funny how Polly always pushes me to be my most creative ~ just see here, here, and here.

Basically, I’m done making excuses.

If I had to pick just one thing UMA has taught me so far, it’s that you need to show up. Each and every day. As we’re still in the startup phase, my job responsibilities are all-encompassing and change frequently from day-to-day. There’s a seemingly endless amount of work to get done, so the 80/20 rule always applies. There’s no time to be a perfectionist or obsess over each and every word I put down on a page (things that always held me back in the past). I don’t have the choice to get halfway through one blog post and call it a day.

It’s time to get to work. 

I’m so grateful to be learning from a group of strong, intelligent women. My boss, UMA Founder Shrankhla Holecek, is a certified boss lady who values equal opportunity for women and working in harmony with the environment. My coworkers teach me something new every day, and I can already see how approaching work from the brand perspective will make me an infinitely better blogger.

If I get to work.

Getting to Work with UMA Oils Working for a company I fully believe in has taught me that work doesn’t always have to feel like work. Sometimes working hard means having a photoshoot with your best friend in a breathtaking location overlooking the rolling hills of California, and doing yoga poses at sunrise while inhaling beautifully crafted essential oil blends to help wake you up (Pure Energy is my favorite).

UMA Pure Energy Wellness Oil I want to do this every day. Explore and adventure, play dress-up and let my creativity run wild. That’s why I started The Travallure in the first place. I don’t know why it’s so easy for me to forget this. So here I am, spilling it all in the hopes that making it known will push me into accountability. It helped with The Shadow, so why not with my dedication to the side hustle? Let’s get to work.

Getting to Work with UMA Oils

| PHOTOGRAPHY | by Polly Cannella

| OILS | from UMA

| STYLING | by Amanda Boleman

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